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Read to Learn is the reading program that helps people who have trouble reading. Let your knowledge and interests support you in learning to read. Dozens of high interest reading books and practice pages for all ages. With room for your comments and requests, this is a totally free resource, for today, a week, forever. Click now, to begin at your level and select from your interests.

If you would like to share your experiences, interests and ideas, you can find me on Facebook, contact me through this website, or email me at jenicasale+rtl@gmail.com.

Jenny Casale, Author of Read to Learn

About ReadtoLearn.online

When I quit my teaching job, I knew I would go nuts without being driven by something equal to my passion for finding ways to switch on the light for the learners I was involved with. Then I became aware of the need for texts that would not insult the intelligence of older learners.

I revived an ancient interest of mine and started to investigate how parts of a car worked. This led to my interest in cars and big trucks.

My mind’s obsession with word patterns and rhymes has just bloomed into my first phonics based book. A dozen more are sittng at the edge of my consciousness.

Success in learning to read is directly proportional to reading mileage, and, of course, wanting to read is similarly linked to interests.

I might have to admit that success in writing a wee book is directly proportional to interest in the topic. However, by learning about a topic, I have increased and broadened my interests. Whoever would have thought that a not-so-little and old lady would be so enchanted by massive machines? Not me!

I hope that by reading you will learn, and by wanting to learn you will learn to read. If you already know all about it, you will have a head start in being able to read it.